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Spun bamboo Utensil holder made in Vietnam

Product name: Spun Bamboo Utensil Holder
Material: bamboo
Size, color and pattern: Can be customized.
Made in Vietnam

Materials: Bamboo

Bamboo trees are cut at knots and chopped into smaller pieces/bars of 70-80 cm length.

Bamboo then goes into soaking process in water for about 90 days to prevent mold and insects and make it softer.

After soaking in water about 90 days, bamboo is left dry under the sun.

At families, soaked bamboo pieces are chopped again by hand into smaller slats with width of 1-2 cm for different products.

Slat bamboo is then skinned and bended into curved rings by simple machines which carve deep lines in them, allowing for glue to fit in better and make stronger bond.

Bamboo spoon and fork made in Vietnam

Spun bamboo and fork factory

Each set is wrapped in wrapping paper, then 30 set/ carton.

Wave bamboo bowl- loading into container

You can see more spun bamboo utensil at http://vietcraft.vn/bamboo-spoon-and-fork/

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