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Product name: Recycling pots and planter

Recycling tree planter, made in Vietnam

Description: The idea comes from Saving our earth. And by using old material to make new product. The pots and planter made of recycling tires come out. Our pots and planters are made of old rubber tires cars which makes a nice change from traditional flower pots and unlike terracotta there is no risk of frost damage. In addition, the seams are sewn tightly with a synthetic white twine but are not water tight, so the flower pots will drain well after watering.
Despite of these as flower pots, they can of course have any number of different uses. They are very handy containers for storing kindling, magazines or simply as wastepaper baskets.

Material: recycled rubber from truck’s tire

can be customized
Made in Vietnam

Material: old car tyre

Old car tires in Vietnam

Old car tire bring back to reuse

Design: can be customized

Producing baskets, pots… from old car tyre

Pots and planters made of Recycled rubber tire factory in Vietnam

Packing and loading:

Recycled Car Flower Pots packing

Loading into container

Usage: plant trees, storage wood, shoes, magazine,..
Made in Vietnam

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