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Bamboo Span bowls- Made in Vietnam.

Product name: Lacquer Foot Ritual Bowl
Material: bamboo, paint, silverleaf…
Size: dia45xH14 cm, and can be customized.
Color: can be customized

Lacquered bamboo spa bowls- made in Vietnam.

Usage: For Pedicures and Spa Treatments, Pale Gold: Used to wash and relax feet before spa or massage treatment, the simple and elegant design will enhance any Spa decor.
Our foot bowls are made from coiled bamboo, then coated in many coats of lacquer. They are totally sealed and waterproof, suitable for use with hot and cold water.
This particular model is inlaid with pale gold silverleaf to create a wonderful, warm glow beneath the lacquer.
Made in Vietnam

each piece is wrapped in a wrapping paper, then 6 pcs put in a standard export carton box.

Lacquer Foot Ritual Bowl- factories in Vietnam

Foot ritual bowls- packing

Bamboo spa bowl- loading container.

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